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Pet Adoptions » Air Chihuahua™

Air Chihuahua

Air Chihuahua™

is an ongoing program of spcaLA — please consider donating for the airfare, carriers and medical care to needed to get the next Air Chihuahua™ flight off the ground. Donate now. Click the boarding pass above for information about our next scheduled flight.

Chihuahuas are the number one breed in Los Angeles (over 60,000 registered), and their population keeps growing! Through Air Chihuahua™, we match our abundant supply of these dogs with the great demand for them in other areas, like Washington, Colorado, Texas, New York, Florida and Canada.

Dogs that would have been our guests for months are instead adopted within a matter of hours. We work with other independent, credible animal welfare organizations to find them permanent, loving homes.

Your Support

We need your support to keep matching our abundant supply of these pups with the demand for them in other areas.

Stock up on fun Air Chihuahua™ products like t-shirts, mugs and more at our CafePress store!

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How do our partner shelters benefit?

From Houston SPCA:

  • The Houston SPCA and spcaLA are committed to helping homeless animals find good homes, no matter where these animals may live. This shared commitment means that, on occasion, we transport animals between shelters. This may be the result of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, or a large influx of dogs needing placement.
  • Recently, spcaLA reached out to its close partner, the Houston SPCA, for assistance in placing 20 small dogs. The Houston SPCA offered to help, just as the spcaLA has helped Houston over many years, including the deployment of significant resources that they dedicated to helping animals in Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.
  • The Houston SPCA works with more than 30 Houston area Adoptions Partners, transferring some animals in and some animals out, in order to save the greatest number of lives. The Houston SPCA operates the busiest adoption center in Texas. We welcome and encourage Texas organizations or municipal agencies interested in becoming a Houston SPCA Adoption Partner to contact us.
  • Promoting the arrival of 20 small breed dogs, not only helps those dogs to get adopted quickly, but drives shelter traffic to help others get adopted quickly as well, thereby creating space in our adoption center, whereby we can help even more dogs. We are heartened by the positive commendations we have received from Houston area supporters who are pleased that our organization has live-saving partnerships that extend past our own community.

Air Chihuahua™ Flights