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Pet Adoptions

Happy Adoptions

Each year, more than 3,000 dogs, cats, rabbits and other pets are adopted to loving homes through spcaLA’s Pet Adoption Centers. Enjoy these happy adoption stories from people who have shared their experiences with adopting a pet from spcaLA.

Share your happy adoption story with us! Send an email at info@spcaLA.com with the pet’s story, date of adoption, and photo.


Pitbull playing with toy

I changed Ginger’s name to Nala because of her close resemblance to a lion. She is energetic and loves to play with my dog, Bruno. She also likes to play with water, I’ve noticed. She dunks her face in her water bowl daily. She comes everywhere with me and takes naps during car rides. I take her on three walks a day to release most of her high energy.



cat with bow tie

We adopted Ollie from the spcaLA South Bay Adoption Center in August 2010, and man, has this sweet little mister ever changed our lives. He has the most personality of any cat I’ve ever had; he is so lovable and cuddly, and likes to play as much as possible. We love him so much we are considering getting another black kitty to keep him company! (We have come to realize that black cats are a whole new level of “cool.”) We will be celebrating Ollie’s 1st birthday on June 24th!

Thanks spcaLA! We now couldn’t imagine our lives without Ollie!
Melody & Derek


attentive cat

We are so happy we found our cat Rally! That’s the name you gave him, and we liked it so it stuck. He has fit into our home so perfectly. He snoozes next to me when we watch TV and rolls on his back on the floor when he wants to be petted. He also loves watching our bird feeder out the window. We’re so glad that he’s happy in his new home with us.

Thanks again,
Kelly & Brad

Elisa & Gary

sleeping Pitbull

About six months ago, my boyfriend and I started talking about getting a dog, specifically a pitbull. Many discussions later, we decided that one day we wanted a blue pitbull named Gary. Hearing that shelters were overrun with pitbulls, I found myself casually searching petfinders.com. At this point, I was looking but we had no plans on adopting a dog. That is, until Gary’s picture popped up on the screen. It was fate. When I showed the picture to my boyfriend, we knew I had to go check him out. Of course, being a skeptic I was certain that one look at him in the shelter would convince me he wasn’t the dog for us. A few days later, I went down to the shelter in Hawthorne; the lovely people working there told me to have a look. As I opened the door, there was Gary in the first pen on the left. My heart melted. About a week later, Gary came home with me.

It’s been almost two months, and we can’t imagine life without him. To think that people give pitbulls such a bad reputation, it makes me so sad. Gary is such a lover.

Thank you so much for giving him a temporary home so that we could find him.

Joe, Marie, Matthew, & Buster

We adopted our boy, Buster just before Christmas. We have loved all the dogs that we have owned over the years, but our Buster is SPECIAL!!! What a loving little guy. It’s as if he knows that we rescued him and he is grateful. What I’m not sure that he knows, is what he’s done for us.

Joe, Matthew, and Buster

We have a very happy home that is full of love. We did not think for a second that Buster would bring even more love into our home, but he has. We are taking obedience classes and he is coming along just fine. In fact, he is set to graduate on Thurs.

Buster loves to ride in the car. We have been flagged down on the street by people who want to know where we got him and we are so happy to tell them that we got him from the Long Beach SPCA. In fact, one family said that he was their “dream dog.” We replied that he is definitely our dream dog and that he is not available :)

Thank God you are there doing what you do. If you weren’t there, we would never have gotten our dream dog, Buster Graham.

Joe, Marie, Matthew and Buster

Ricardo, Mary, & Baldwin Olszewski

Olszewski family

On December 6, 2008 we adopted Baldwin. That morning, I saw his picture in a Los Angeles Times story on the “Black Dog Syndrome” (how black dogs don’t get adopted as easily as other dogs). It was love at first sight. We drove to spcaLA in Long Beach. We quickly changed his name to Bruno because my wife and I are from Argentina and had a hard time pronouncing Baldwin. Bruno has enriched our lives immensely. He is our companion, alarm system, and fitness trainer.

We have two teenage grandchildren that don’t need us as much as they used to. Now, Bruno is the baby we take care of. He lives a pampered life. We cook special meals for him, put his raincoat on him when the weather is bad and cover him with baby blankets when he sleeps.

Bruno alerts us when someone is outside, when squirrels and birds dare to enter the backyard and when our neighbors decide to take a walk.

Bruno has managed to do what years of nagging from my wife and daughters had not been able to do. Get me off the couch! I walk with Bruno every day. I used to hate walking if it wasn’t on a golf course.

As you can see, Bruno is loved! He is the intelligent, bilingual and affectionate dog we have longed for.

Thank you!
Ricardo and Mary Olszewski



My name is Thundercloud. I am a Border collie that was adopted from spcaLA’s P.D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village & Education Center in Long Beach. In September, a dog came in to the veterinary hospital where my owner works because it needed a blood donor. My owner volunteered me. I donated a pint of my blood, and the transfusion was successful. The dog’s symptoms went away as did her bruising. She visits the hospital for regular checkups, and she is still doing well.

Linda & Missy


Thought you would like to know that Mischievous (whom we now call Missy) seems very happy in her new home.

She was the model dog on the drive home. Very quiet, looked out the windows and laid down on the seat. Once we got off the freeway, she sat up and looked around—very interested in her surroundings.

I bought a shallow rectangular storage container that is intended for sliding under the bed and put it outside full of water for Missy to play in. We also bought a ball with ropes sticking out of the ends, and she really enjoys playing with that.

She’s very affectionate, climbed up in my lap and sat for a long time.

Thanks so much for the good work you all do, these animals are fortunate indeed to have such loving and dedicated folk to look after them.


Matt & Roxie


Attached is a picture of my wonderful dog Roxie. I adopted her in January of 2003 when she was only 9 months old. I found her at the spcaLA in Long Beach. She was a gorgeous dog but did look a little scary. I decided to take a chance on her, thoug,h because she was young, and I thought I could train her. What I didn’t realize is that she didn’t need training. She just had a lot of built up energy from sitting in a kennel. After all, she is a boxer. When I got her home, the first thing she did was run across the grass and duck her head flipping end over end. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. Now 2 years later, we are best friends. We do everything together, and she is the best and smartest dog I have ever been around.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to meet.


Robert & Sydney

Dear spcaLA,

McJilton family

I know that Sydney was at the shelter for a little while, and you have probably wondered how she is doing. She has fit into her new home very well. At the shelter she seemed to bark a lot. Since arriving at her new home, she is very well behaved, only barking when someone is at the door. She has the reign of the house and backyard. She mostly stays indoors and sleeps on the bed and couch. The neighbor kids really like Sydney and come by often and take her on a walk. Thank you very much for taking care of Sydney while she was at the Pet Adoption Center in Long Beach. She is a welcome addition to our family.

Robert McJilton

Trisha & Germini

Trisha and Germini

To everyone at the spcaLA,

I just wanted to send a little note to thank you and let you know Germini is doing very well in her new home. She had no problem adjusting to her new environment, and she loves all the special attention. Overall, she is a very good kitty. She uses the litter box and her scratching post faithfully. I really enjoy having her around, she makes me so happy!

I was very impressed with the facilities at the spcaLA adoption center in Long Beach, especially the cat environment. I hope all the cats and other animals will find good homes, too! Thanks again.

Trisha Binkley

Alicia & Oscar



Here is a photo of Oscar. He was listed on the Pet Page of the Beach Reporter as being at the South Bay location, but when I called, he was transferred that morning to the Topanga location. As luck would have it, that afternoon I would be working very close to the Topanga store. He’s doing extremely well, and he has made great friends with my other kitties. He loves to play and is very curious! Thank you for my playful little companion!!!




To everyone at the spcaLA,

We have given our rabbit a new name “Satchmo”. We are having soooo much fun with him. He is the best pet ever! We took him camping to Jalama Beach and last weekend we were in Palm Springs. He stayed inside the air conditioned hotel room. We’re sending pictures for you.

Sebastian Mills and family

Jessica & Necco

Hi there!


Just wanted to send you over some pictures of Necco. She is a wonderful bunny and we are so happy to have her. She seems to be very comfortable in her new home and is not shy about exploring the living room. For a tiny little bunny she has a huge personality and is always doing silly things to amuse us - like jumping up in the air and spinning around or zooming back and forth for no apparent reason. She even found this crawl space between her cage and the window, and walks/hops back and forth down this little “bunny run” over and over again. She absolutely loves to be pet and will let you pet her forever. The only hard thing is having to put her in her cage when we go to work in the morning or to sleep at night, though she does get around 6 hours per day out of the cage. Thanks for giving us the best, most adorable bunny ever!


Jenn & Skoobs


Here are some pictures of our boy!!

He really is a great dog...i got so lucky!! Let me know if you go to the beach again, maybe we can come up there and see you!!

Jenn and skoobs

Chuck & Polly

To Allison Ryan,

Chuck and Polly

Here are photos of “Chuck” and “Polly” whom we adopted from you September 17, 2008. Please let their foster mother know that they are thriving and happy. “Polly” has completely taken over her new territory and has no fear. “Chuck” has overcome his initial shyness and is purring and making sure that he gets his share of attention. I’m so glad that we adopted them together as they are great pals.

Thank you for all your help with adopting them


Zimmy and family

Hi, my Friends at Hawthorne Shelter,

You probably remember me as Cupcake, I looked like a black lab/shepherd mix. My new name is Zimmy. I’ve been in my new home almost a week and have given my new mom and dad some nice surprises.

You can probably tell, we’re a very happy family and I’m enjoying my new home and neighborhood. I was a very good dog when I met them, and am getting even better! : )

Thank you for all the good care you gave me while I was staying with you!


Polly & Scooter



You all do “awesome” work. We like to visit the Long Beach location off Spring Street. We shop for our food & treats there.

Thank you,
Polly & Scooter

Anne & Rose


We adopted Rose from the Hawthorne Shelter. She is very happy in her new home in Newport Beach!!

Here is a photo of our daughter Catherine and Rose for your adoption wall!!!


May & Rocky



I adopted James (now Rocky) on August 13, 2008. Rocky seems really happy here, plays a lot, growing, and is learning “proper” cat etiquette from the older resident cat, Emme.


Veronica & Wiley


Hi everyone

I adopted Wiley from your South Bay Center. He is better known now as Mojo. Its been now a year and Mojo is doing very well. He is very happy. I have attached some pictures of him. I truly believe that he was meant for me. Please send this info to the staff at the South Bay Center in Hawthorne, Ca.

Thank you Sincerely,

Scott & Castro


Hello SPCALA South Bay,

We changed Jasper’s name to Castro after the district I use to live in San Francisco. He responded to his name right away. He got comfortable with me real fast too. He is sill having accidents in the house every once awhile, he is hard to potty train. He is still no good with strangers. But he loves us and gives us many kisses, he is always active. One of the pictures below is my friends chi, that she brought over, Castro wouldn’t play with her, but she is really active and he was really tired that night from a long walk.


Sally & Suzie

Sally kissing Suzie

I love her—she’s a well-behaved gem. You guys did a really good stellar job with Susie—your TLC kids, staff, training, etc. I have nothing but praise for your whole organization! And I still plan to bring Susie by in person one of these days…


Marilyn & Dutchess

Marilyn and Dutchess

Here is the latest picture of Dutchess with me. Her hair finally grew out and I got her the Westie cut, which is really easy to keep up and much cooler for her.

I definately advise people to consider getting one of the older dogs - they really appreciate the love and attention. The old story about “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” False!!!

You can also teach them to get along with cats within a couple of days.


Helen & Nora

I adopted Nora (Pit Bull mix) on June 7th, and I know animals come in and out of this shelter daily but Nora seemed to be a special case in that she’d been with the shelter for a couple of years and I could tell the volunteers/employees really took good care of her and were excited for her to have found a home.

Nora chewing on toy

Nora is such an amazing dog; she is sweet and gentle. She has acclimated well to the house, at first she was very hesitant and scared but now she knows our home is her home. She loves to sunbathe in the yard but of course when it gets warm, she finds the shade under our ficus tree as the best spot to stay cool. She loves her daily walks…she was a bit overweight when she left the shelter but has lost some of the pounds and has more energy. She’s in such good shape, that I can take her out for a jog to the park. She’s great with my nephews and enjoyed her first 4th of July with my entire family! I love coming home after a hard day at work to find Nora greeting me and doing what I call her “happy dance.” Nora is also very trainable for being an older dog, she’s so smart and catches on quickly.

In short, I wanted to say “thank you” for having such a great organization and amazing volunteers (I visited the shelter 4 or 5 times before deciding on Nora…everyone was so helpful).


Linda, Crispen, & Howie

Crispen and Howie

Crispen had been the last of his litter mates to be adopted, I got him a friend, Howie, just 2 months later. I want to thank whomever raised Crispen before I adopted him. They certainly know how to raise a good kitty. He is full of love and sweetness. What a difference to have a kitten who has been in foster care before adoption. They (Crispen and Howie) are best of friends and get in line to have their tummies scratched!! I’m so grateful for the Long Beach facility for finding the two most purrrfect pets for me. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.


Miss Winks

Miss Winks

Just a quick update and picture of formerly known “Shiloh” adopted from the Long Beach CAV. She now goes by the name Miss Winks (due to the missing eye, she’s continuously winking at everyone!). She has quickly grown accustomed to our family life. Over the past year, she has learned so many amusing tricks. Her favorite is to “speak,” either when asking for a special treat or to let us know her favorite ball has rolled under the couch, again. She is such an important and loved family member and I have no doubt that she knows just how much she is loved.

Thanks for helping to place her with her perfect family!

Perez family

Jon, Michelle, & Buddy

Buddy taking a bath

We are so happy to have Buddy in our lives. He is an awesome and temperate dog we love to death. He is a licking machine. We find him to be extremely sweet with a quirky personality.

He loves to run and go places. I try to run him as much as I can. We are so thankful to find him at spcaLA and tell as many people that adopting is the most rewarding way to find a animal that needs love. We also think very highly of your facility. Thank you so much.

Take care,
Jon and Michelle

David, Terri, Oz, & Oliver

Oz and Oliver

Thank you so much for the vaccination reminder, we actually adopted two boys from you last winter, “Nigel” (now known as “Oz”) who is the black and white tuxedo and “Oliver” (still known as “Oliver”) who is the big orange tabby. Both are doing really well and have settled into our home. They had a few days of drama when we first introduced them but now they are happy together. Oz is the dominate cat (we had him about a week before we adopted Oliver) but both can hold their own; they love to play! We had such a great experience adopting though spcaLA—everything was perfect. Both Oz and Oliver are cherished here and our lives have been enriched by them. I have attached some pictures of both boys, thanks again!

David and Terri Hardeman


Scout and family

Scout (formerly Sunshine) has adjusted well to our home. The boys are having fun playing with her, taking her for walks and being responsible for her day to day necessities. She went on her first beach camping trip with our family last week.

Mark & Spencer


Spencer has adjusted well to his new home. He’s loving, playful, happy, and healthy. He likes to be with his human companions and often follows us around, getting in the middle of things. We love having him as part of the family.


Buffy & Kozak


(Here are) some pics of Goofy, whose new name is Kozak, named after an old Professional Armenian wrestler. We are having the most fun ever with him and it was truly fate that we found each other. He is awesome. Thanks for taking care of him until we got there.


Vincent, Ann, & Eddie

We are very happy with our newly adopted beagle, and we named him “Eddie.” My wife and I were very impressed with your facility and how we were treated through the whole process. Yes, we did activate the chip, and license and tag him. He is a wonderful dog and he will get a bunch of love in his new home. He even seems to love the attention he gets from our grandsons, even our 10 month old grand-daughter! Again, I really thank you for caring for all the animals in your facility, if only everyone could adopt a pet from spcaLA and give them a loving home it would be a little better world.

(Here is a picture of Eddie, on what now has become “his” chair)

Vincent and Ann—Eddie’s friends

Other Happy Owners & their New Pets

happy dog


happy dog


man holding dog

Jim & Dotty

girl and cat


man holding boy and dog


dog with family

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dog licking boy's face


happy cats

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happy dog


happy cat


happy dog


happy dog


family holding dog


couple holding dog


woman folding dog

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dog and kids


dog with family

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woman holding cat


woman holding cat


dog in sweater


dog in sweater


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woman hugging cat


cat sleeping on its back