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Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles, since 1877

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Apr 14–Apr 20

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spcaLA Law Enforcement Division, Since 1877

Report Animal Cruelty

The spcaLA Report Animal Cruelty online form is monitored Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. If this is an emergency that requires immediate assistance, please call the police.

Please report each situation only once. Reporting once, either by the Animal Cruelty Tipline (800-540-7722) or the online form, is sufficient.

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Please provide the following information:

  • Date of Incident *

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  • Description of what you saw *

  • Description of animal(s) involved *

    List animal(s) involved in incident. Include breeds if known, or describe animal(s) by type, size, coloring, length of fur, etc.

    Are there other animal(s) on premises?

  • Identity and/or description of person(s) involved *

    Provide name(s) if known.

    Describe gender, estimated age, race, height, weight, distinguishing features, etc.

  • Location of incident *

    Provide address if known (be sure to specify if it is a street, avenue, boulevard, road, etc.), or describe location as best you can. For example: color of house or building, block and side of street, etc.

    Are animal(s) in a back yard, kept in a garage or vehicle, etc.

  • Relevant photos

  • Contact Info

    Providing your name and contact information helps spcaLA investigate and end cases of animal cruelty.