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Animal Cruelty Investigations

Border Puppy Task Force

rescued puppy

Thousands of underage puppies, usually toy breeds, are brought into the U.S. for resale via the border crossing stations annually. Many are later discovered to be sick, potentially creating a health epidemic for animals and people in the U.S. Compounding this problem are inhumane breeding and transportation issues and an existing animal overpopulation problem. People may spend thousands of dollars on veterinary bills for a puppy in very poor health, which often times dies.

Consumers: Beware of Purchasing Puppies from Unknown Sources

The following are some tips before purchasing a pet from a private seller:

spcaLA Fights to Stop Puppies Smuggled Across the Border

spcaLA Humane Officers participate in the Border Puppy Task Force, which consists of several Southern California animal agencies. The goal of the task force is to reduce and eliminate the illegal smuggling and selling of under-aged animals. spcaLA Humane Officers routinely deploy to the California/Mexico border for weeks of around-the-clock shifts to recover sick and under-aged puppies.

If you would like to report the purchase of a sick puppy or a puppy peddler, please call 1-800-540-SPCA (7722).