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Humane Education

Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC)™

The Cycle of Violence and Animal Cruelty

The cycle of violence is a vicious pattern in which an adult passes on abusiveness to a child. This pattern results when a child either watches or receives abuse. Growing up, he or she follows the example of the adult and continues the violence by abusing people and/or animals.

“There is a high correlation between domestic abuse, child abuse, and animal abuse. Until someone steps in to stop it, the cycle will continue.”

Domestic violence, child abuse and animal abuse are closely attached to one
another, and the cycle will continue until it is stopped. Learn more information
about “The Link”.

The Solution: TLC

Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC)™ is a four-week long violence prevention program designed to teach empathy and compassion to at-risk youth. If students learn to accept animals as living beings with feelings and needs, compassion and empathy aren’t far behind. Compassion and empathy toward animals is what prevents violent behavior.

A violence prevention program created to stop the cycle of violence towards people and animals

To break the cycle of violence, animal shelters and schools should work together. spcaLA offers a comprehensive manual on the TLC program.
TLC Manual Information

Public Service Announcement View Video

frightened dog backed into corner

This spcaLA Public Service Announcement examines the relationship of “The Link” and the cycle of violence as it relates to animal cruelty and youth.