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Humane Education

Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC)™

A Program Aimed at Ending the Cycle of Violence

spcaLA has become nationally and internationally renowned for its Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC)™ program, a violence-prevention program that works with at-risk youth. The TLC program is taught in California, Oregon, New York, Arizona, Missouri, Georgia, Indiana, Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, Canada, England and Australia.

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Preventing Violence

student from program with dog

Through the use of animals, children develop coping skills, increased self-esteem and empathy towards living beings. Through conflict resolution and writing exercises, also a part of the program, there have been increases in reading scores and decreases in detention times for participating students.

Nurturing Compassion

Studies have shown that cruelty toward animals by children may be a symptom of existing domestic violence and stress; as well as a potential predictor of future violence towards people. This intensive workshop is designed to prevent animal cruelty and in turn prevent violence toward people. The TLC program helps the students identify and break the cycle of violence through positive feedback by building self-esteem and increasing respect for all living creatures. As children work through conflicts and challenges of performing as a group to train shelter animals, they develop compassion, responsibility and patience.

Learn more about the Cycle of Violence and the program we use to end it.

TLC Survey

student dancing with Lucy the dog

The TLC program is currently looking for feedback in order to continue improving TLC in future years. We are asking students who have participated in previous TLC’s, their parents, and the adopters of TLC dogs to fill out these surveys so that we can evaluate the future direction of the program. If you choose, you can also print the form and mail it to:

12910 Yukon Avenue
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Please feel free to contact us with any other stories or comments regarding your TLC participation or dog adoption at humaneeducation@spcala.com. Thank you!

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