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Los Alamitos Traps and Kills Coyotes

» July 4, 2008

Los Angeles, CA—The City of Los Alamitos had trappers start a program yesterday capturing and killing coyotes which will last for one week. The pest management company will set padded traps that snap onto a coyote’s leg and then kill them by lethal injection. “It is important that these traps are checked frequently,” says spcaLA president Madeline Bernstein. “It is inhumane if the traps cause large amounts of pain, if the coyotes are left in traps for long periods of time with no access to food or water, or if a non-targeted animal is snared.”

In addition, The Department of Fish and Game and the California National Guard’s environmental division warn that killing coyotes could have negative long-term effects. Fewer coyotes could lead to an increase in their food supply, resulting in a future increase of the coyote population. Unfortunately, coyotes cannot be trapped and then re-released into the wild because they cannot adapt quickly enough to their new surroundings and will die.

spcaLA encourages positive cohabitation between humans and wildlife. Following these simple steps, suggested by the Los Alamitos Police Department, can lower the risk of coyote encounters.

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