5 Things You Should Do THIS WEEK!

1. Get a permanent ID Tag
And, make sure your dog wears it! Most lost dogs are found by neighbors. Wearing a collar with current ID at all times will make for a speedy reunion! Learn more about the importance of ID tags here.

2. Register your dog’s microchip
Your dog has a microchip, but it’s not registered to you yet! Follow the instructions (a brochure is in your adoption folder) necessary to transfer your pet’s microchip to you. This way, if your pet ever gets lost and lands at a veterinary hospital or animal shelter, the microchip company can notify you. Click here for more info about finding your lost pet.

3. Make your veterinary appointment – it’s free!
Your adoption comes with a free vet exam at a participating VCA Animal Hospital. Your exam is a great time to chat with the doctor about how to keep your new pet healthy. Note: if your pet displays any of the following symptoms, bring them to your family veterinarian immediately: vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy (weakness, collapse), fever, nasal or ocular discharge, coughing, difficulty breathing, not eating or drinking, excessive water intake, abnormal urination/defecation behavior (straining, blood in urine or feces), discomfort (restlessness, panting, inability to lie down comfortably), seizures, lameness, pain, or rapidly growing lumps/masses. Most veterinary offices offer telemedicine options, in addition to contact-free appointments.

4. Activate your Trupanion promo
Your adoption covers the enrollment fee for Trupanion pet insurance – active your promo (info located in your adoption folder) ASAP!

5. Check your adoption folder!
You received special discounts for certain spcaLA Dog Training classes and at the spcaLA Marketplace.