Eligibility Quiz

    • Yes No
      Are you willing to commit to a regular AAT schedule?

It is important that AAT volunteers be reliable and show up for each scheduled visit. For many at residential facilities, the AAT visit is the highlight of their week or month.

    • Yes No
      Are you comfortable completing a background check and being fingerprinted by the Department of Justice (DOJ)?

A DOJ background check and fingerprinting is required when working in certain AAT facilities

    • Yes No
      Is your pet current on flea control, as well as Rabies and other species and age appropriate vaccines?

Pets must be flea-free and current on Rabies and species-appropriate vaccines (DAPP/DHPP & Bordetella for dogs; FVRCP for cats) prior to being approved for AAT.

    • Yes No
      Can your pet maintain good social skills and a calm, friendly disposition when meeting a variety of people in new settings?

More About You

    • Why would you like to participate in AAT?
    • What qualities does your pet possess that makes you think he (or she) would be a great AAT candidate?
    • Yes No
      Have you and your pet ever participated in a program like AAT before?
  • Please elaborate:
    • What is your availability?
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
    • In what area of town would you like to volunteer?

More About Your Pet

    • Pet’s Name
    • Pet’s DOB
    • Breed Appearance
    • Pet Weight
    • Male Female
      Pet Gender:
    • Yes No
    • Yes No
    • RentOwn Other
      Do you:
  • Yes No
    Does your dog have a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate?
  • Have you completed a formal obedience class with this dog? If so, when did you complete the last class?
  • What was the highest level of training completed?
  • Tell us about any organized dog activities (i.e. agility, obedience, etc) in which you and your dog participate.
  • Buckle Martingale Harness Other
    What kind of collar do you use for your dog?
    • If your dog has any health problems or takes any medication, please describe them here:
    • Where did you get your dog?
    • At what age?
    • If you are not the dog’s original owner, what, if anything, do you know about your dog’s prior history?

How does your pet relate to people? Please rate each item from 1-5 (5 being most friendly)

1 2 3 4 5
    • How gently does your dog take food from someone’s hand?
    • How often does your pet do the following?
Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
Bark excessively
jump on people
bite people
have fleas
fight with other dogs
chase cats/rabbits
get car sick
act aggressively towards people
dislike loud noises
jump on furniture
beg for food
act aggressively towards other animals
spray or mark
  • Is there anything else about you and/or your animal that we should know about?