Boarding Policies & Recommendations

All pets must be in good general health to board. Dogs and cats must be a minimum of 4 months old and a maximum of 12 years old. Pets over the age of 12 will be accepted with a health certificate from a Veterinarian, at most, one week prior to boarding. Health certificate forms can be found here. Health certificates remain “current” for one year.

Any existing health problem (medical, physical or behavioral) requires advance review of the pet before we can accept your reservation. Special medical requirements are subject to additional charges. If your pet takes medication, vitamins, or supplements that will need to be administered during their stay, please complete and present the Medication form. Medication forms can be found here. Call ahead to make sure we accept the medication being administered. The spcaLA Pet Hotel does not administer injections. All medication that accompanies the pet must be in its original container. There is an additional charge for this service.

A dog that steps in or runs through feces after defecating, or defecates and urinates in the interior portion of the kennel or on the bedding, will have the bedding removed and washed, and the dog will be wiped down. However, should the dog begin to smell, which can cause the dog cottage to have an unpleasant odor, we will bathe the dog at the owner’s expense. We make every effort to keep our kennel clean and odor free, therefore, should a dog be dropped off that is overdue for a bath, and should said dog cause an unpleasant odor in the dog cottage, the dog will be bathed at the owner’s expense.

We cannot accept any pregnant pets or females in heat. If a pre-entry exam cannot be performed on your pet due to aggression or behavioral issues, or if your pet has injured another pet or person, we will not be able to board your pet. We have a hands-on facility that requires us to work closely with all of our guests and we cannot do that effectively if your pet is aggressive towards people. If while boarding your pet acts aggressively towards a person or another pet to the degree that the staff feels unsafe removing him/her from their kennel/condo, your pet will remain in their assigned kennel/condo for the entirety of their stay. An aggressive dog is defined as a dog that has bitten or injured a human or another dog, and/or growls, bares teeth, lunges, or snaps at a person or dog. An aggressive cat is defined as a cat that has maliciously attacked or injured a human or another cat, and/or growls, lunges, or swats at a person.

Fence fighting is defined as a dog lunging, jumping, barking, and/or running along the perimeter of an enclosed space when another dog is in eyesight. Fence fighters will sometimes grab the fencing with their teeth, stick their nose through chain link fences, or dig at the fencing. Sometimes this behavior is playful and sometimes the behavior is aggressive. We do the best that we can to control and minimize the behavior, however, it is not possible to completely eliminate the behavior; therefore, should a fence fighter break a tooth or nail, scratch his/her nose, or in any way injure himself/herself, spcaLA will not be held liable. Furthermore, the owners of a dog that fence fights will be held liable for all damages caused to our kennel and any injury that the dog may inflict upon himself/herself wile engaging in this behavior.

Owners who board dogs with us that are destructive will be held liable for all damages caused to our kennels/condos and any injury the pet may inflict upon himself/herself while engaging in the destructive behaviors. This policy is applied to any and all destructive pets regardless of the reason for the destruction. That is, whether the pet has separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, or any phobia or generalized escape behavior. In addition, when clients provide a veterinarian prescribed sedative for their pets to help prevent escape or destructive behaviors, we will not be held responsible or liable should the sedative not be given in time to prevent destruction or injury. Although we will allow pets with these problems to be boarded at our facility, clients must agree to this policy and board at their own risk.

All pets are observed regularly throughout the day. If urgent care is required, the pet will be transported to a veterinarian of our choice. The spcaLA Pet Hotel is not staffed 24 hours a day seven days a week. Dogs must be brought in on a clip leash and wear a flat collar with identification. If your dog is not wearing a flat collar with identification, it is the owner’s responsibility to purchase a flat collar and ID tag to be kept on the dog during their stay. Flat collars and ID tags are available for purchase at the spcaLA Marketplace located next to the Pet Hotel. No retractable leashes, pinch collars, or choke chains are allowed in the Pet Hotel. The staff will not walk your dog into the Pet Hotel wearing any of these items. The items will be immediately removed should your pet arrive with them on. Cats must be brought in a carrier and must wear a collar with identification. spcaLA will provide and feed premium kibble routinely twice a day at no cost if no food is provided. We highly recommend bringing your own food to ensure consistency of a healthy diet. We do not accept raw food diets. If two pets are boarded in the same kennel but are food aggressive, one of the pets will be moved to a separate kennel and will be charged the separate kennel fee.

For the health and safety of our guests, all pets must be current on their vaccinations prior to check-in. Vaccines must have been administered by a licensed veterinarian at least one week before your pet’s stay. Dogs are required to be current on Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. spcaLA and the Veterinary Public Health Department recommend that all dogs who are frequently exposed including but not limited to travel, competitions, boarding, and group play activities be vaccinated against canine influenza, including H3N2. Cats are required to be current on Rabies, and FVRCP. Vaccination records can be faxed to 562-354-2986, emailed to or delivered before the day of check-in.

If your pet should bite a staff member or another animal, a bite report will be filed with Long Beach Animal Care Services and your pet will be quarantined in accordance with state and local laws. Daily boarding fees may apply. If your pet tries to bite an employee, the pet will remain in its kennel/condo until pick-up date. During this time, the pet will not receive added-on exercise sessions or, if the pet is a dog, be taken out for bathroom breaks.

spcaLA has a limited number of boarding kennels and condos. We recommend you make reservations at least one month in advance. One month is the maximum time that spcaLA will board your pet. Please notify us of any change or cancellation of your reservation. If you pick-up your pet before 12:00 noon, you will not be charged for that day. Pick-ups after 12:00 noon will be charged an additional day of boarding. We will not release your pet to anyone but you without prior written notification. Holiday seasons are subject to a Holiday Boarding Fee applied per kennel/condo each day the pet(s) are boarded during the holiday season. Holiday season dates can be found here.

Cancellations require 72 hour notice. If a 72 hour notice is not provided, you may be charged a cancellation fee dependent on the time of year and whether or not it is during our peak season. If 72 hours notice is provided, there is no penalty.

To make your reservation, please call 562-206-1375 or email us at To become a donor, please call our Fund Development Department at 323-730-5300, x3233 or donate online here.

Note: Donations are nonrefundable. Requested days for boarding cannot be secured until a boarding contract is completed and received, along with proof of current vaccinations, and a donation has been made. Completed contracts and vaccination information can be emailed, faxed or brought in to: 7700 East Spring Street, Long Beach CA 90815. The boarding contract is available here.