spcaLA’s Professional Groomers

As a child, I took it upon myself to care for all of the animals in the neighborhood. No matter the shape, size, or species, domesticated or wild, I considered every critter to be my responsibility. Between tending to my pill bug farm and becoming friends with the stray cats, I helped my parents brush and bathe our dogs. As I grew older, I dreamed of working professionally with animals. When I began job searching, I called different companies and organizations that specialized in animal supplies and care. To my luck, I found a company that was hiring. I started my career with animals as a bather and caught on to the bathing and handling process very quickly. Within a few months, I was asked if I’d like to attend grooming school to become a certified pet groomer. Without hesitation, I accepted the offer. That was over seven years ago and I’ve never regretted that decision. Being a pet groomer is a dream come true.