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Guest Proofing Your Pooch

Banish holiday stress with lavender, toys, and treats!
If you’re planning holiday entertaining, or if you just want to make guests and your dog more comfortable, start conditioning your dog now.

Soothing Lavender

  • Start using a touch of the real stuff (made from essential oil) on your dog’s bed, as well as your clothes, sheets, or skin now.
  • Offer your guests a refreshing lavender spritz, stock the bathroom with lavender-treated towels, or scent guest linen with lavender spray.
  • Your dog will associate the naturally calming lavender with you!
  • You can purchase lavender spray on Amazon and in many grocery stores. Be sure to ask guest if they have allergies!

A Cornucopia of Toys

  • Display a basket of toys at your front door.
  • Ask guests to immediately start playing fetch with your dog upon entry.
  • If your guests or your dogs aren’t up for fetch, ask guests to give your dog a toy upon entry.
  • Play is fun for everyone – not just your dog!

Delicious Doorbell

  • Pre-fill and freeze a bunch of Kong® or other stuffable treat dispensers.
  • When the doorbell rings, give your pooch his frozen treat and direct him to his bed.
  • Pretty soon, ringing doorbells means bed and relax!

Ignore a Nervous Nelly

  • If your dog is nervous around new people, ask your guests to ignore him.
  • Get to class! One of the best ways to make sure your dog is ready to entertain is to take him through obedience training at spcaLA.

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