Hiking Tips

Here are some things to consider when hiking with your dog:

  • Make sure your pet has current ID tags as well as current vaccinations.
  • Make sure your pet is in shape. This means that it is free from hip, back and joint problems. If you’re not sure get a check-up with your vet first.
  • Make sure you have a sturdy leash and collar.
  • Always carry plenty of water. It is recommended to carry eight ounces of water for every hour of hiking and of course a portable water dish.
  • Consider buying a backpack for your dog. Even a medium size dog can carry a bowl and a first aid kit in their pack. A healthy well-conditioned dog can easily carry 25 to 33 percent of its body weight in a pack. Of course, you should start out slowly and acclimate your pet to the pack prior to the hike day.
  • Always stay on the trails.
  • Carry a first aid kit that contains the basics like bandage material, wound disinfectant, tweezers and vet’s number.
  • Try to discourage your pet from drinking pond or river water. It could contain bacteria that causes diarrhea in dogs, cats, and humans.
  • Always pick up after your pet.
  • After the hike, remember to check your pet’s coat for ticks, burrs and foxtails. It’s also a good idea to look between their toes and check their pads for cuts and abrasions.