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Tips for Finding (and Keeping) Pet-Friendly Housing

Take your time.
Searching for a rental that accepts pets (and meets all of your other requirements) can take some time. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Look everywhere.
Be sure to check with local animal shelters, doggie day-cares, neighbors, friends and colleagues for recommendations. And, make use of the many rental search websites that accommodate those looking for pet-friendly housing, like these.

Call ahead.
Even if a rental is listed as “pet friendly,” there could be breed appearance, size or species-related restrictions. Call ahead to verify the pet policies before you fall in love with your new place!

Be Honest.
Don’t try to sneak a pet into your rental or lie about the breed appearance, training or other characteristics of your pet. If you’re caught breaking your lease, you could face eviction – making it more difficult to find a new place and more likely that your pets will end up in a shelter.

Get it in writing.
Make it explicitly clear that pets are okay. It is clearest to have a separate pet agreement attached to your lease, signed by all parties. Failing that, make sure that the pet policy is written into your lease and that any “no pet” references are crossed out and initialed by all parties.

Be a responsible pet owner.

  • Have your pet spayed or neutered.
  • Keep your pet’s habitat and waste area clean (and always pick up poop during walks).
  • Keep current on vaccines, flea & tick preventatives and treatment.
  • Take your pet to the veterinarian at least once a year.
  • Restrain your pet on-leash or in a carrier when you are outside your rental unit.
  • License your pets in accordance with the laws in your area.
  • Ensure your pets are housetrained, and give your dog basic obedience training.
  • Provide your pet with enrichment tools (scratching post, treats, radio, crate, etc.) to reduce damage and noise when your are away from home.
  • Keep your dog bathed and groomed.

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