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Valentine’s Day Pet Safety Tips

On Valentine’s Day there are several dangers to pets that go unnoticed. These dangers can be prevented, if these simple safety tips are followed:

  • Chocolate is the food for lovers but it is very toxic to dogs and even a small amount can cause serious consequences and even death. Be very careful with all of your chocolate treats and remember to contact your vet immediately if you suspect your pet has gotten into the “sweets.”
  • Flowers are very romantic but they are also harmful. Certain plants and flowers are toxic to your pets. And the freshness packets that come with some floral arrangements seem quite interesting and even tasty to your cat and dog causing serious stomach upset. The best thing is to keep all of your beautiful floral arrangements away from your pets by placing them up high where your pets can’t taste them.
  • Planning a nice candle lit dinner for your loved one? That’s great but cats and dogs are intrigued by the dancing flames and not only will whiskers get burned but sometimes the hot wax will cause harm. Just be careful and monitor the candles and try to keep them away from any curious pets in the household.
  • Pets love things that sparkle. Diamond bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc. will often end up in your pet’s stomach if you’re not careful. If your loved one pops the question this Valentine’s Day, keep the diamond on your finger to avoid an engagement at the vet clinic.

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