Air Chihuahua™

Air Chihuahua™ is an ongoing program of spcaLA — please consider donating for the airfare, carriers and medical care needed to get the next Air Chihuahua™ flight off the ground.

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Chihuahuas are the number one breed in Los Angeles (over 60,000 registered), and their population keeps growing! Since 2009 through Air Chihuahua™, we match our abundant supply of these dogs (and sometimes cats) with the great demand for them in other areas of North America, like Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, New York, Florida and Canada.

Pets that would have been our guests for months are instead adopted within a matter of hours. We work with other independent, credible animal welfare organizations to find them permanent, loving homes.

We need your support to keep matching our abundant supply of these pets with the demand for them in other areas.