Brittany Quon, CPDT-KA

Brittany Quon, CPDT-KA has been an animal lover for as long as she can remember. At the age of 5 she fell in love with her aunt’s Bichon puppy and knew at that moment the rest of her life had gone to the dogs…in a good way of course!

Brittany earned a degree in Animal Science with a minor in Psychology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. As part of this education in animal care and training, Brittany also learned the importance of developing interpersonal skills and advocacy techniques. As a result, Brittany began working in customer/guest service related fields to supplement her learning, while cultivating a deeper knowledge of animals through schooling. Brittany’s thirst for unique development opportunities led her to a 6-month paid internship through the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom in Florida. Upon returning from this internship, she was even more driven to find the perfect career that offered opportunities to enrich the lives of animals in the same way that she was able to infuse a touch of magic into every interaction with human guests while with Disney.

After moving back home to Orange County, Brittany’s life came back to the dogs full swing. Her boys, Toby and Buster, a mini Australian Shepherd and Corgi/Terrier/Pure Crazy mix, led her to one of Orange County’s largest dog boarding, daycare, and training facilities where they had happily been members of for almost a decade. Each day she was surrounded by countless dogs playing, learning, and loving every minute of their day. It was hard for Brittany not to do the same. She earned her CPDT-KA dog training certification after completing a year long apprenticeship, and cherished the opportunity it gave her to bond even more closely with the furry clientele. As a complement to her animal training and behavior experience, Brittany took on a second job exploring the needs of animals requiring medical assistance at a state-of-the-art pet hospital. The hospital was home to a rescue center, and offered treatment to animals who would otherwise be euthanized for medical conditions. They also provided a variety of resources to the community to help foster positive pet relationships. Through both occupations, Brittany began to understand how much animals and people could positively influence each other’s lives.

Brittany is excited to be a part of the spcaLA team. Through partnership with talented staff and dedicated volunteers, she can continue to share her knowledge and experience while positively impacting the experience of all spcaLA’s animals, with that touch of magic that inspires those around her to do the same.