Chris Busch

Chris Busch grew up in Long Beach and currently lives in Lakewood, CA. Growing up, he was the companion to many different dogs and pets. While in high school,, he worked for a veterinarian and had the fortunate opportunity to work with dogs, cats and other pets.

Chris is active with the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) since 2008 when he first started training his Weimaraner, Barley. Since the very first sanctioned trial held exclusively in Southern California, Chris has watched this new sport evolve and is proud to be involved as it grows nationally. In addition to competing in Nose Work Trials Chris enjoys training other handlers and their canine friends. He and Barley recently achieved their Nose Work 3 (NW3) title in Los Alamitos, CA. Currently, Chris and his wife Laura compete and train with their two Weimaraners, Barley and Heidi.