Kim Buchanan

Kim grew up in Michigan with many family dogs and cats and moved to California in 1988 with her Abyssinian cat, Josephine. After teaching Josie to sit and lie down it became apparent that Kim enjoyed training and probably needed a dog! Instead, Kim became an active member of the Friends of the Long Beach Animal Shelter, coordinating and helping with programs designed to increase adoptions for the animals. She added another cat, Napoleon, her first dog, Maude, and then Harold. As shelter dogs, Harold and Maude had many behavior issues to overcome that required creative training solutions.

In 1998, Kim decided to adopt an adult Belgian Tervuren who had been returned to her breeder. Jazz opened the door to the world of competitive dog sports, especially agility and sheep herding. In 2001 Kim jumped into agility with both feet with a new Tervuren puppy from Belgium. Oscar proved to be an excellent agility partner, making the finals of the AKC Agility Nationals when he was just 2 years old! They have continued their agility adventures with local competitions as well as the AKC Agility Invitational, Cynosport World Games and Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. Oscar acquired his 3rd AKC Championship in 2008. They provided agility background scenes for the movie, A Dog Lovers Symphony and have participated as a demo team for Animal Planet. Kim and Oscar also train and compete in AKC obedience, K9 Nose Work and the sport of Schutzhund, which involves tracking, obedience and protection.

In 2004, Kim brought home Emmy, a Belgian Tervuren who was a little firecracker! She brings her athleticism to the sport of Agility, Schutzhund and Dock Diving and proves that she can also slow down enough to be successful with K9 Nose Work. Emmy has given Kim the opportunity to travel and participate with the Incredible Dog Challenge and National Diving Dog Tour.

After 12 years in the systems furniture industry, Kim started her own contract Interior Design business in 1998. In 2006, she began collaboration on a web-based informational site for pet travel, In 2008 she decided to package her versatile dog training experience into Joyride K9 and in 2009, Kim became one of the first certified K9 Nose Work instructors. Kim brings her training skills to the spcaLA agility and nose work programs.