spcaLA’s Friends for Life Camp™ Registration Information

Online registration begins April 27th at 10am.

You will be directed to our secure camp software, Mindbody, to complete your camper’s enrollment. Returning camper? You can use the same login information you did last year. New to spcaLA? You will need to make an account for each camper (note: each camper must have their own account/profile and each account must have a different email address).

Thank you for your interest in the spcaLA’s Friends for Life Camp™. Our Friends for Life Camps™ are a week long and filled with animal-related activities. Campers learn the basics of pet care, respect for all animals, and the beginnings of both dog and cat training—all while having fun with friends! Kids participate in animal related games, activities and crafts, learn from guest speakers, see dog training demos, and experience hands-on obedience and agility training with the shelter dogs.

Our Friends for Life Camp™ sessions are held during the summer months at the P.D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village & Education Center.

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