spcaLA’s Friends for Life Camp™ FAQ

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General Questions

What time does camp begin and end?
Drop off begins at 8:45am, and pick up is promptly at 3pm every day.

How old should my child be?
The minimum age for camp is 8 years old. Your child must meet the age requirement at the beginning of the camp session.

What should my child wear to camp?
Children are required to wear/bring long pants and closed-toe shoes in order to work with the shelter animals. Please keep in mind, capris are not long pants. Your child should also wear an spcaLA Friends for Life Camp™ t-shirt. One t-shirt is included in the cost of camp. You may also purchase additional t-shirts at registration checkout, or on-site at camp, for $15.00 per shirt. Buy shirts.

Is my child going to be working hands on with shelter dogs?
Yes. Your child will be working hands-on with shelter animals. All of the dogs that are approved for camp have undergone a behavioral assessment with our Behavior and Training team. Please contact the Violence Prevention & Humane Education Department at humaneeducation@spcaLA.com for more information.

What should my child bring to camp?
Campers should bring a sack lunch and bottled water or sports drink. We will provide a snack each day. If your child has specific food requirements, please provide a snack as well.

What if my child has a disability or has to take medications?
If your child is in need of medications of any sort, please notify the Director of Humane Education, Denisse Bernal, prior to your child attending camp. Camp staff will not be responsible for administering medication to campers.

If your child has a disability, please inform the Director of Humane Education. Many disabilities can be accommodated, but there are a few that cannot. For the safety of the campers and the animals, please inform the Director of Humane Education of any disabilities, illnesses, allergies or medications that could affect your child at camp.

Failure to disclose any information about your child’s disability, medical condition, or severe allergy that could potentially hinder the safety of your child, other children, or the shelter animals may result in dismissal from camp without a refund. Please understand that our camp staff are not trained in special education or occupational therapy. Of course, we will make realistic attempts to make camp accessible to all students.

My child has allergies. Can he attend camp?
If your child has any severe allergies, including nut allergies, please contact the Violence Prevention & Humane Education Department to discuss available options.

Are there refunds if I have to cancel my camp registration?
Refunds will be provided if notice is given three weeks before the start date of the session in which your child is enrolled. There will be a 10% processing fee for any cancellation.

Online Registration Questions

What happens when I register for camp online?
Upon online registration a confirmation packet will be emailed to you.

My child is a returning camper, does my password from last year work?
Yes! You can login to the system using the same username/password you used last year. If you forgot your password, click “Forgot password?” at the top right or the middle left and follow the prompts.

Can I create an account before registration opens?
Yes! We recommend you create your camper’s account prior to the date online registration begins. When you are creating your account, please remember to enter your Camper’s first and last name, as well as the birthdate of your camper. Please create a separate account for each camper you intend on registering (NOTE: you will need to use a DIFFERENT email address for each camper). If you’re having trouble, please contact the Violence Prevention & Humane Education Department at (562) 216-2545.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact the Violence Prevention & Humane Education Department.