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Controlling the Chaos: A Workshop for Families Living with Kids & Dogs
This is a 2-part online workshop for dog-loving families who want to proactively manage all the moving parts of ensuring a happy home for all! It provides participants with the skills, knowledge, and guided practice that will assist in ensuring safe, fun, and functional interactions between their children and their dogs. Regardless of the age of the child or the length of time the family dog has been in the home, this educational and interactive workshop will offer a wealth of resources that can support any family living with kids and dogs.

Cost: $40 per family
Sessions: Part 1 is 1 1/2 hours (part adults-only workshop, part training exercises for the whole family); Part 2 is a 30-minute virtual private training session (schedule agreed by family & trainer)
Next Workshop: Saturday, November 7th from 9:30am to 11:00am


Workshop Description

Part 1 of the workshop is for the adults in the home. During this section, the trainer will give a presentation discussing dog behavior, safety management, and a variety of helpful tips and resources. After a short break, the family dogs will join and the trainer will lead the group through a dog training session focused on a handful of obedience cues that are most important for households with children and dogs. Part 1 is approximately 1 ½ hours.

Part 2 is a 30-minute private session with the trainer, during which the whole family is encouraged to participate. Here the trainer will coach the adult(s) and child(ren) through helpful exercises and interactions with the family dog(s), providing guidance and feedback as they practice. If the family includes multiple children of different ages, please note that the trainer will need to focus on what is developmentally appropriate for the youngest child who is participating in the session. Parents/caregivers are nonetheless welcome to use this time with the trainer to ask questions and discuss concerns that address their entire family. Part 2 will be scheduled with participants individually, after registration, and will take place within one week of Part 1. Weekend and evening time slots will be available.

To be notified of additional Workshop dates, email us at to let us know you are interested!

WOOF AND WIFI: Dog training for youth & their pet dogs
Taught by humane educator and dog trainer Paula Ferrel, CPDT-KA, youth participants (ages 11+) will learn the basics of positive reinforcement dog training while engaging their own pet dogs in games, training exercises, and at-home challenges that cover a fun mix of obedience, tricks, and agility. The course is an opportunity for participants and their pet dogs to enjoy quality time at home together, strengthen their relationship, and learn new skills that everyone in the family can appreciate.

Each group class is limited to a maximum of eight dogs and runs for 45 minutes twice a week for three weeks. Registration includes up to 30 minutes of additional one-on-one support from the instructor every week, as well as access to independent learning materials, a video resource library, and a sharing platform to further support participants’ progress. This program is designed as an educational experience for youth and their dogs; it is not meant to address any serious behavior modification you may need for your dog.

Cost: $100/dog
Youth Ages: 11+
Sessions: 2, 45-minute group sessions weekly, for 3 weeks
To be notified of additional Level One sessions, email us at to let us know you are interested!

Level 1 Description

Level One teaches sit, down, watch, go to bed, touch, sit pretty, crawl, fetch, weaving, and jumps. To be notified of additional Level One sessions, email us at to let us know you are interested.

Level 2 Description

Level Two teaches down stay, play dead/roll over, give paw, sit at side, drop it, sit for bowl, intro to fun nose work, and strengthening level 1 behaviors of choice. Open to Level One graduates only. Next session begins Monday, October 26th, and meets Mondays & Thursdays from 4:30pm-5:15pm.

Level 3 Description

Level Three teaches target, wait, boundary, leg weaving, station, a personalized trick, strengthening level 1-2 behaviors of choice. Open to Level Two graduates only. Next session begins Monday, November 30th, and meets Mondays & Thursdays from 4:30pm-5:15pm.

Private Woof & Wifi Sessions
During a private Woof & Wifi session, participants can focus on a Woof & Wifi behavior of choice. Participating youth/dog teams can use it to start learning a new trick or strengthen a specific skill that is appropriate for their experience and ability. One session is $25 for 30-minutes and is open to youth ages 8+. Enrollment in a full-length Woof & Wifi class is not required.
Cost: $25/half-hour
Youth Ages: 8+
Requirements: Pet dog at home

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Virtual Pet Care Patch Workshops | Not Taking Reservations
spcaLA’s Pet Care Patch Workshops teach young animal-lovers about dog and cat behavior, responsible pet care, and how to help animals in their communities! Each virtual workshop includes a live session with spcaLA humane educators and a virtual meet & greet with a shelter pet via zoom. Patches are mailed out to participants after the workshop.
Cost: $5/child
Youth Ages: 6-9 (Intro) & 9-12 (Advanced)
Sessions: 45 min (Intro) or 1 hour (Advanced)

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