Robert Sotelo

Robert Sotelo was born and raised in Bell Gardens, CA and grew up around dogs and cats his entire life. He always felt a connection with animals and knew from a young age that dog training was a career he wanted to pursue.

In 2007, Robert graduated from Animal Behavior College (ABC) and became a full-time Certified Dog Trainer, offering lessons throughout greater Los Angeles. In 2008, he joined the Bark Avenue Foundation team in Downtown Los Angeles, where he became the Head Dog Trainer and offered group classes and private lessons to local Los Angeles residents. With the growing community in Downtown Los Angeles and more people adopting animals from shelters and rescues, Robert recognized the importance of helping people transition their new dogs from shelters to homes using positive training techniques. To serve this need, he began offering low-cost training to all rescuers in Downtown Los Angeles.

Robert continues to work with Bark Avenue and also works with Fur Baby Rescue organization. At Fur Baby, he helps shelter dogs maintain quality of life through training and mental and physical stimulation. Robert is also an advocate for spaying and neutering in order to reduce overpopulation in shelters.

Since 2009, Robert has been working as a dog trainer for spcaLA’s Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC) program, a program that Robert is very passionate about and feels privileged to be a part of. He also participates as a dog trainer for the Friends for Life Kids’ Camp programs at the spcaLA’s Long Beach shelter.

Robert feels privileged and proud to be able to help humans and their dogs create and maintain healthy, positive, long-lasting relationships. He is a member of the Association of Pet Dogs Trainers (APDT) and the Behavior Education Network. He continues to further his education by attending seminars and classes.