Cali is our 2 year Mini-schnauzer who loves other animals but takes some time with strangers. She has always loved the pet caretakers at the spcaLA Grooming Salon and Pet Hotel. Danielle (spcaLA’s groomer) gives Cali “the works” and has her looking so ‘fresh and girlie’ after her grooming sessions. Everyone at this facility takes really great care of our dog and she loves going to see them. We are glad this place is clean, safe and provides loving care when sudden trips or free time takes us away from her. It’s a lovely place!

–Maureen S.



Our dog, Kona loves the spcaLA Pet Hotel and Grooming Salon facilities! We adopted Kona from spcaLA 3 years ago and she quickly became a beloved member of our family. In the process of deciding where we would board Kona when we vacationed, we visited a number of boarding facilities. It was not a difficult decision to choose spcaLA Pet Hotel for Kona. The staff is just fantastic and they truly have the best interest of your pet in mind. The Pet Hotel is always very clean, well staffed and in top notch condition. The staff makes it a point to get to know your pet and cater to their needs. Kona gets to play in the grass yard with a staff member, gets brushed when needed and gets lots of affection, belly rubs, companionship and petting. The ability for your pet to either stay inside their run or go outside at will is great. The procedures they have in place to make sure your pet is safe and sound while you are away make it easy to leave your pet in their care and feel comfortable. A quick email or phone call is all it takes to get a detailed update on how your pet is doing while you are away. We also use the self-bath and grooming facilities. Danielle and staff are dedicated to what they do, love Kona, and do an excellent job at caring for her grooming needs. When we arrive at the Pet Hotel, Kona cannot wait to get in the door to greet the staff. She considers them her “friends” and is perfectly content to board with spcaLA. In fact, last time we boarded her, she didn’t even say “goodbye” to us but went romping off with her caregiver. That says it all!

–Christine I.


Saki and Belvedere

My dogs, Belvedere and Saki love going to the Pet Hotel and Grooming Salon at spcaLA in Long Beach. It is in a very convenient location, just off the 22, 605 and 405 interchange. The facility is beautiful and clean, and the staff really spoils them with treats, attention and hugs and kisses. They are gentle and quick about grooming and baths and don’t make them stay in a small crate for hours. I tell all of my friends and neighbors with pets that this is the place to go. You and your pets will love it here!

–Debbie C. of Rossmoor


Sammy Tommy

My name is Sammy. Me and little brother Tommy love the spcaLA Pet Hotel. We don’t know how Daddy Joe and Daddy Paul found this place but we are sure happy that they did. The cat condos are plenty big enough for us to sleep inside as well as feel safe and secure while visiting. When we are not sleeping, we really love playing in their huge play areas. If we are lucky, we can hang out there all day (depending upon availability) and feel the fresh air and watch the birds. We can actually feel the cool breeze blowing against our noses. Lastly, the friendly staff here treat us like kings! They are soooo nice and accommodating and love to play with us when they can.

Although, we love getting pampered here, we loveeeeeeee seeing the return of Daddy Joe and Daddy Paul to pick us up and look forward to our next visit. This place has become our home away from home.




From the moment we stepped into the Pet Hotel and met Debra we knew we were in the right place. The Pet Hotel is a beautiful facility that is clean and well maintained as well as employing the nicest, sweetest people who care for our pet. We know when we leave that she is in good hands and that she will be cared for as we would care for her ourselves. The condos that the cats are “hoteled” in are quite spacious and are supplied with beds, blankets, toys, etc. And of course, there is their food area and kitty litter area. They have a wonderful atrium that the cats love to sit and play and watch the world go by. The staff always checks to be sure there aren’t any issues with your cat that they might need to know about before you leave. However, we also love the fact that if she becomes sick or there is an issue, there is a vet to be summoned. We have complete confidence in knowing when we leave her with Becky and her staff that she is well cared for and that if there is any issue they will contact us.

Matilda loves the attention she gets and we love knowing that she is well cared for! Thanks to all of you at the Pet Hotel for taking such great care of Matilda!

–Fran & Steve Briggs


Hi, my name is Cody. My mom and dad take me to spcaLA Pet Hotel and Grooming Salon for a spa day. They take me every month so they can bathe me in the big tub that is always clean and a perfect height. They also have smocks for my mom and dad so they don’t get wet while bathing me.

As part of their bathing service, the Salon provides shampoo and conditioner to wash me and lots of towels to dry me, because I don’t like the blow dryer. The groomer is so cool and takes care of me, so not to hurt me when she trims my nails. I don’t normally like my nails or my ears done, but with her, I don’t mind so much. This next part is a little embarrassing, especially for a boy dog, but when needed, she does my anal glans, and she does that gentle as well.

The staff there is so nice and gentle with me, that I don’t mind going. They also give me treats, when I’m done with my bath and I have to ask my mom and dad. Any questions or concerns, that my mom and dad have, the staff is very helpful in answering. I think it is a cool place and I would recommend this place to all of my doggy companions. It doesn’t matter if you are small dog, big dog, or a medium dog like me, this place is great, and they have good treats as well.

A little secret to get more treats, sit, be good, lick your lips, and give a little paw.

–Love Cody