Spot Kitty Yarn Puffs, 4 Pack (Pick Up Only)

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Your cats love and attraction for catnip is undeniable. This interactive puff ball toy contains catnip which keeps your kitten’s senses heightened and excited. Incorporating catnip has been an essential component in creating these toys for your adorable and fluffy kittens.


This yarn puff toy has been strategically designed to attract your kitty. These cat toys are best described as soft, colorful, bright and made from woolen yarn. Each ball is 1.5″


Some cats are content to play alone. Provide them with toys, such as these entertaining kitty yarn puffs, and they can bat around and chase. The texture and catnip encourage your fluffy friend to pounce, scratch and play


As pet parents ourselves, the safety of your kitten is paramount to us. Much thought has gone into the exact size of your pets’ toy, making certain, this is a hazard and choking FREE design. At 1.5″ these cute cat toys are the Perfect size. Small enough for your kitty to enjoy and have fun but large enough it won’t pose a choking threat to your little one. Additionally, these yarn balls are designed with 100% non-toxic fabrics

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