Sue Howarth

Sue Howarth has had pet dogs throughout her life. However, it wasn’t until Blackie and Biscuit adopted her in 2011 that she became active in agility and nose work. Now, ten years later, both sports are an obsession for Sue, and she considers herself a card carrying “crazy dog lady.” Sue is active in the National Association of Canine Scent Work both locally and in a national role as Score Room liaison.

Sue spent most of her professional career first as a CPA and later as an insurance broker. She is phasing out of those roles and is in the process of becoming a Certified Nose Work Instructor. Although her job title has never been “teacher,” she developed professional education programs for all three of her employers throughout her career. Now, she is excited to work with both canine and human students and to share with them her enthusiasm for K9 Nose Work.

Both Blackie and Biscuit have earned their NW3-Elite titles and are now eligible to compete in the NACSW’s Elite division. Sue loves the fact that her small, mixed breed dogs are able to compete at this upper level, proving that all dogs can participate in and enjoy Fun Nose Work!