Fostering Program

THANK YOU for your overwhelming desire to help homeless and abused animals! At this time, we are not recruiting new foster parents, but please check back soon for updates.

Please consider making a donation of funds or needed items to support shelter pets.



Why should I foster?

Fostering instills a huge sense of accomplishment because you singlehandedly give a pet a second chance at life! Without foster parents hundreds of animals would never receive the opportunity to find a loving home.

What is the time commitment for foster parents?

As a foster parent, you will first attend our volunteer info session followed by a foster care class. After that, the amount of time an animal is in your care can vary from a few days to several months, dependent on your needs and the needs of the animal.

How old do I need to be to become a foster parent?

Foster parents must be 18 years or older, however, everyone in your household is encouraged to help care for the foster pets! Children must be supervised by adults during all interactions with foster pets.

What are the expenses?

spcaLA provides food, litter, medical care, bedding, toys and 24 hour support. At spcaLA we are dedicated to giving our Foster Volunteers the tools they need to be successful parents! (You will incur your own expense of traveling to and from the shelter for medical care and foster care appointments.)

Can I have my own pets and still foster?

Because most foster animals have delicate immune systems, it’s best to keep them in a separate room of the house for the duration of their stay in your home. When outside, puppies and dogs must be supervised in an enclosed yard or on a leash at all times. Cats and kittens must be kept indoors at all times.

What animals can I foster?

All different types of animals – from horses to rats – need foster care. Most often however, spcaLA seeks foster families for cats and dogs, both adults and babies.

What are the steps to becoming a foster parent?
  1. Submit a foster interest form.
  2. Your form is reviewed & you’re emailed an spcaLA Foster Application.
  3. Complete the spcaLA Foster Application.
  4. Your application is reviewed.
  5. Upon approval, you receive an invitation to our Foster Care Class (online).
  6. Work with spcaLA staff to confirm which animals you can foster.
  7. Begin fostering!

“When it is time for kittens to go back to the shelter for adoption, it can be hard to see them go. But for me, there is no greater joy than seeing a little bottle-baby grow big and strong enough to go up for adoption!

– spcaLA foster parent of 12 years, Kathey Haas