California enacts Animal Control Standards Act

Black and white photo of men standing next to truck with dog in kennel and the words Dog Catcher on the side

Animal control officers have no standard training requirements. Each locality decides what training it wants to provide other than on the job experience. Yet these officers go into private homes to sell licenses. issue citations for animal related violations, investigate animal cruelty, handle dangerous animals and are often in confrontational situations.

It is in the best interests of the public, our animals and the officers’ safety to provide standardized training and to professionalize the profession as a whole. These officers are not “dog catchers” but rather legitimate law enforcement personnel/public safety officers who should be treated as such.

Governor Newsome has just signed a law, the Animal ControlStandards Act (AB 1125) which will mandate the creation of standards and training to certify animal control officers. Hopefully, every officer in California will be certified.

Animal control officers are NOT the same as Humane Officers who are sworn, may exercise the powers of peace officers, have mandated extensive training and are not the subject of this legislation.