Covid Detection Dogs Working in Finland Airport

I have written before how dogs were being trained to detect Covid-19 in people – well, check this out:
Finland has already begun a pilot program using Covid detection dogs at airports! Passengers are asked to wipe their skin with a cloth which is then placed in a jar. The jar is then brought to the dog (kept separate from the people) who sniffs and then alerts if specimen is positive. It takes less than a minute to get results.

I have been keeping an eye on this story. Though the pilot program is due to end later in December the results are promising. MedicalExpress.com is reporting that “Preliminary experiments in the first major wave of infections earlier in the year suggested the dogs can detect the virus with close to 100 percent accuracy, up to five days earlier than a PCR test.”

Many dogs that detect drugs, seizures, explosives, cancer and other things are very often found at shelters or through people who have enrolled in recreational training classes, such as Fun Nose, offered by spcaLA, and discover that they have a dog that is good at this.

Keep in mind that animal shelters across the country are full of geniuses and gems. With their human companions – anything is possible.