About Animal Cruelty Investigations

Photograph by Chris Brinlee, Jr., (may represent current and/or former spcaLA Humane Officers)

What is a Humane Officer?

Highly trained, sworn personnel, spcaLA Humane Officers may exercise the powers of a peace officer anywhere in the state of California, while investigating animal cruelty. Humane Officers are appointed by the State and undergo substantial training in animal care, state humane laws and continue education throughout their careers. spcaLA Humane Officers and support staff are dedicated to investigating cruelty cases and prosecuting individuals or organizations who neglect or abuse animals anywhere within the state of California; to providing medical attention and care to homeless and/or abused animals; and to rescuing animals in distress or precarious situations.

Not only can spcaLA Humane Officers issue citations, make arrests, file criminal charges and serve warrants, but they also provide disaster relief to animals and their owners through the Disaster Animal Response Team (DART); work with our Violence Prevention & Humane Education Department speaking to students at our at-risk youth violence-prevention program, Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC) and in other forums; work with other Law Enforcement and humane organizations to reduce illegal smuggling of under-aged animals through the Animal Importation Task Force and much more.

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