Wills, Estates & Pet Trusts

Including spcaLA in your estate plans provides a lasting gift for generations of homeless, abused and abandoned animals. Additionally, spcaLA offers the Peace of Mind Pet Re-Homing program, for those who wish to provide for the future of their pets.

There are many ways to include charitable giving in your plan for the future, be it through your will, trust, insurance policy or other means. It is important to consult an attorney, accountant, bank trust officer or financial planner when making your estate plans. Call (323) 730-5300, ext 3233 or email info@spcaLA.com for more information or to notify spcaLA of your intentions.


For those aged 70½ or older, it is once again possible to make tax-favored charitable gifts from traditional and Roth IRA accounts. On December 18, 2015 the President signed into law legislation that retroactively extends the charitable IRA rollover for 2015 and makes this provision permanent for future years. A total of up to $100,000 can be transferred directly from traditional or Roth IRAs to one or more qualified charities such as spcaLA free from federal income tax each year. There may also be state income tax savings. Amounts given in this way count toward required IRA minimum withdrawal amounts for the year of the gift. To make such gifts, it is important to not withdraw funds prior to a gift, but have the gift amount distributed directly from an IRA to one or more qualified charities. For those with check-writing privileges on their accounts, drawing a check may be the most efficient way to make gifts directly from one’s IRA. Check with your IRA administrator or your tax advisor for more information.

spcaLA’s Peace of Mind Pet Re-Homing program is for those precious little ones about whom we care so much. Typically, we expect to outlive our pets, but sometimes it is the human caregiver who passes or becomes infirm first. If you are enrolled in the program, spcaLA can guarantee to find your healthy, adoptable pets new, loving homes in the event of your passing. Call (323) 730-5300, ext 3233 or email info@spcaLA.com for more information or to notify spcaLA of your intentions.



Legal name: Los Angeles Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
AKA: spcaLA, Southern California Humane Society, Los Angeles S P C A
Federal Tax ID: 95-1738153
Permanent Address: 5026 West Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

If you choose to provide for the welfare of animals by including spcaLA in your plans, please take a moment to notify us so that we can help to ensure your wishes are carried out properly. Just call our Development Department at (323) 730-5300, ext 3233, email us at info@spcaLA.com, or send notification (with a copy of your estate documents) to the address above.

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