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2020 Friend for Life Photo Contest Winners

October 1, 2020 - October 30, 2020

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 spcaLA Friends for Life Photo Contest: Rose the dog, River the cat (and an spcaLA alum!), and Terry the Turtle!

Click here to see a photo album of all the entries.

A little more about our winners..

Rosè got her name as I found her wandering in a winery parking lot with a rope tied around her neck. She was very sick, scared, hungry but very gentle and docile. It only took her two nights before she was curled up on the couch between my daughter and I. She has undergone a lot of medical care including surgeries however still remains as sweet as ever. We are a typical SoCal family and love wine, boating and the outdoors. Although initially scared at first she comes along for the ride with all of our adventures. At the end of the day she just loves being with her family, so don’t let that adorable sad face fool you!!! It was faith that day being at the winery and forever my life has changed! She’s adorable for so many reasons but most of all for the fact that she can still love and trust humans. I’m the lucky one. Cheers to Rosè!

Hi, I’m River. This is me chilling in my bean bag chair. I was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles, hungry and scared when I was just a baby. I was rescued by spcaLA who put me in a foster home so I could learn how to be a part of a real family. Soon after that I got my forever home cuz I’m a fast learner. Now I am a big grown up boy, 6 months old. I now have 2 cat sisters. My favorite game with old sister is called Sneak Attack. I don’t think she likes it as much as I do. With middle sister I play Wrestle and Chase; she likes it a lot, just not for as long as I do. I love to cuddle with my human and bite her toes. My favorite snacks are flies and sunflower seeds. I’ve heard this is a hard time for humans and there isn’t a lot of money to go around. But if you have just a little extra I know all those dogs and cats that are desperate for help sure would appreciate it. spcaLA saved my life!

I am a Sulcata Tortoise. I love to eat a variety hay & grass, dandelions and cactus. My favorite activities are to dig, climb and sunbathe. I have two brothers; a Bullmastiff named Solomon and a Husky/German Shepherd mix, named Samson. Sleeping is also one of my favorite pastimes.

We had more than 120 entries competing for the cutest dog, cat, and pocket pet. By participating and supporting the contest, $5,574 was raised to support spcaLA’s program & services – Thank you for your support!


October 1, 2020
October 30, 2020