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New Rabbit Supply Checklist

Congratulations on adopting your new family member! Take a moment to make sure you have all the necessities—your bunny will thank you for it! (Most items are available at the spcaLA Marketplace)

  • Rabbit food (pellets—typically 1/8 cup per 5 lbs of bunny, daily)
  • Timothy Hay (bunnies need an unlimited supply)
  • Fresh veggies (a few daily, like romaine lettuce, NEVER iceberg!)
  • Food & water bowls (heavy bowls—rabbits need an unlimited supply of fresh water)
  • Litter boxes (medium-sized cat litter box) & rabbit-safe litter (like yesterday’s News)
  • Carrier
  • Roomy cage/hutch/bunny house (where your rabbit’s litter box, water and food will be kept—to be used indoors only!)
  • Toys (made specifically for bunnies or hard plastic baby toys, like baby keys)
  • Clean towels & blankets (for your bunny to lounge on in her house)
  • Bunny-proofed room in your house
  • Grooming supplies
  • Hand vacuum/dustpan
  • At least one book about rabbit care, like The House Rabbit Handbook by Marniell Harriman
  • Plan for veterinary care

Need additional help with your new rabbit?
spcaLA is here to help! Ask your adoption counselor or one of our marketplace representatives for tips about the best food, toys, treats, flea treatment, collar and other items for your new bunny.

If you have questions about your new pet, feel free to call:

South Bay Pet Adoption Center
(310) 676-1149

P.D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village & Education Center
(562) 216-2542

Pet Adoption Center
(323) 730-5302

Marketplace in Long Beach
(562) 206-1376

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