Back to Work? Prepare Your Dog to Prevent Separation Anxiety

spcaLA Training offers free webinar

Los Angeles, CA — As people prepare to return to work after months of working from home, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) reminds pet parents to prepare their pets for a change in routine. Dogs, especially, are prone to separation anxiety, a state of distress from being left alone. spcaLA Animal Behavior & Training Director, Sara Taylor CABI CPDT-KA, is poised to help with information and a free webinar, “Home Alone! Preventing Separation Anxiety”.

The key to prevention is preparation. This applies to our pets, as well. Taylor offers five key tips to help pet parents prepare their dog for the return to work. First, create a routine, so your dog knows what to expect. Second, create a safe “alone” area, most often a crate or room with your dog’s favorite items. Next, provide proper exercise and mental stimulation before you leave your dog alone. Then, as you leave home offer your dog high value edibles, like a hard & chewy treat, to work on while you are gone. Finally, do not punish your dog if they make a mistake when they are distressed. Doing so can destroy trust and could seriously damage your relationship with your dog.

spcaLA is hosting a webinar, “Home Alone! Preventing Separation Anxiety,” on June 24th at 11am via Zoom. Taylor will offer in-depth discussion on the ways to address and prevent separation anxiety from developing. The webinar is free, with a limit of 100 attendees. To sign up, visit

The webinar will be available on the spcaLA website, for those who cannot attend. spcaLA also offers the article, Home Alone: Separation Anxiety in the Animal Resource Library available at

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