Brutal Act of Animal Cruelty Discovered in Merced County

Los Angeles, CA— It was reported yesterday that a pig belonging to a Future Farmers of America student at Delhi High School in Merced County was found strangled and stabbed. A photo of the brutalized pig was reportedly shared on SnapChat. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles is horrified by this incident and calls for empathy and compassion for all living things.

“It is well-documented that there is a link between violence towards animals and violence towards people,” said Madeline Bernstein, spcaLA President. ”Furthermore, children of abuse are likely to be abusers themselves. We must work to stop the cycle of violence to make our community safe for animals and people.”

spcaLA actively impacts the community with its many violence prevention programs. spcaLA created the only court-mandated program in the country for juvenile animal cruelty and violent offenders (jTLC). The jTLC program was piloted in Long Beach, CA with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. Now in its sixth year, jTLC is implemented all over Los Angeles County.

jTLC is modeled after spcaLA’s award-winning Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC)™ program the first of its kind in the country. Begun in 1994, TLC allows youth from at-risk communities to rekindle their sense of empathy and learn anger management skills through work with shelter dogs and spcaLA Humane Educators.

Since 1998, spcaLA’s Animal Safety Net (ASN)™ has provided a safe place for the pets of survivors of domestic abuse while they seek shelter, getting both the person and the pet out of harm’s way. spcaLA offers its ASN manual free for download.

Domestic violence, child abuse and animal abuse are closely attached and the cycle will continue until someone steps in to stop it.