Eggcellent Hens Up for Adoption, spcaLA Hosts Chicken Adoption Event with Animal Place

Los Angeles, CA – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) and Animal Place sanctuary are partnering to find homes for 2,000 white leghorn hens rescued from an egg farm. Animal Place will facilitate all adoption applications. Pre-approved adopters will pick-up their new feathered friends on Saturday, March 28th at the spcaLA Training and Education Center in Burbank.

animal place
Rescued hens need a loving home. Photo by Kary Shaw.

These chickens were rescued from a battery egg farm where they lived 6-8 birds per cage. When the hens were just 10-day-old baby chicks, they were debeaked: a standard practice in the farming industry. The hens available for adoption are 1 ½ years old and should continue to produce eggs for several years to come. “When the farmer sees a decline and feels the hens are not the best profit makers, they depopulate,” said Jacinda Virgin of Animal Place. “In this farmer’s case, that meant gassing thousands of hens at a time and bringing in younger birds. It’s a vicious cycle.”

“Since 1877, spcaLA has worked to protect all animals in our community — from horses to chickens,” said Madeline Bernstein, President of spcaLA. “We are happy to offer a space for Animal Place to hold this adoption event.”

Interested adopters should contact Animal Place at (530) 798-5115 or The fee to adopt a hen is $10 or $7 if you adopt 5 or more. All adoptions must be pre-approved by Animal Place sanctuary. Please, no “walk-in” adoptions.