“Elmer,” the Kitten Found in Glue Trap Available for Adoption

Los Angeles, CA — Back in August, a good citizen discovered quite a surprise in a glue trap intended for rodents: a tiny black and white kitten. He took the four-week-old kitten, Elmer, to the spcaLA South Bay Pet Adoption Center in Hawthorne. Today, Elmer is available for adoption.

“Elmer didn’t know the trap was only meant for rodents,” said spcaLA President, Madeline Bernstein. “Wildlife, family pets, and community cats — untended targets of rodent control — can often fall victim to traps.” spcaLA encourages home and business owners to explore more humane ways to address rodent problems. Traps of any sort must be routinely checked.

The veterinary staff used a non-toxic mineral oil to remove the sticky residue from Elmer’s paws. After a health exam, vaccines, and flea treatment, she spent the next 5 weeks in foster care. Now, Elmer is ready for her forever home.

This has been a busy “kitten season” across Los Angeles and spcaLA and other shelters are still caring for hundreds of adult cats and kittens. Please adopt, donate needed items or funds, volunteer to foster, and spay and neuter pets. To donate, go to spcaLA.com or drop-off at any location during business hours.

Anyone interested in adopting Elmer or any of her feline friends is encouraged to visit the South Bay Pet Adoption Center at 12910 Yukon Ave. in Hawthorne or call 310-676-1149.