Looking for Courageous Canines

Calls for spcaLA’s National Hero Dog Award™ Nominations for Courageous Acts Occurring in 2014

Los Angeles, CA – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) is currently seeking nominations for the 33rd Annual spcaLA National Hero Dog Award™. This national award celebrates heroic acts performed by ordinary dogs that have gone to extraordinary lengths to save or protect a human. The winning dog and his or her human companion will be flown to Los Angeles for the official ceremony. Nominations must be from calendar year 2014.

Any dog that is a companion animal and not formally trained for rescues or as a police dog is eligible for this award. spcaLA accepts nominations from anyone who has or knows of a canine deserving of such an honor. spcaLA Hero Dog™ nominations may be sent to info@spcaLA.com.

To nominate a spcaLA National Hero Dog™ send a description of the heroic act that occurred in the year 2014 with a name, address, and daytime telephone number. Heroic acts must be verifiable (newspaper clippings, police report, etc). Nominations must be submitted by April 24, 2015.

Past spcaLA National Hero Dog Award™ winners include Miley a Terrier mix who roused her owner as poisonous carbon monoxide gas filled her home; Ronnie, a Wire Fox Terrier who defended his human and canine companion against a coyote intruder; Diamond, a Pit Bull Terrier who alerted her family when their home caught on fire and shielded one of her human companions from flames, injuring herself in the process; Bear, a 5 year-old Shiloh German Shepherd who ran for help when her companion suffered a seizure; Chow mix, Mole saved the life of a fellow hiker on Rubidoux Mountain; and last year’s spcaLA National Hero Dog™, Lucy, a Beagle who summoned help for her human companion when both were struck by a car.