spcaLA Adoption Center Burglarized

spcaLA asks for public’s help


Los Angeles, CA (10/11/19) – The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) Pet Adoption Center at 5026 W. Jefferson Blvd in Los Angeles was burglarized Wednesday night, and the animal welfare non-profit is seeking the public’s help in identifying the culprits.

“First off, no animals were harmed,” said spcaLA President, Madeline Bernstein. “In fact, the burglars did not even go into the kennels. They spent their time in the medical office, presumably looking for money or narcotics.”

Video surveillance shows two male Latinos in their early twenties, scale a 15’ stucco wall and a metal gate to gain entry to a courtyard. From there the suspects breeched the pet adoption center through the roof by breaking through a secured opening (B-Roll available).

The security alarm was activated, but the burglars, who appeared to be outfitted with tools for the crime and possessed a level of sophistication, left the premises and returned approximately two hours later. The second time they entered the building, the alarm failed, so they were free to explore. (B-Roll available).

Video footage also shows the suspects removing a steel, 2’x4’ locked safe from the premises (B-Roll available).

The suspects are described as two Latino males, early twenties, 5’6” to 5’8” in height, with slim build. They were on bicycles, wore bicycle helmets with visors, and one had a ‘Jason’ Friday the 13th style hockey mask. Both suspects carried backpacks and one had ‘LA” tattooed on the web of his left hand (photos available). The LAPD incident number is #191010001697. DNA and fingerprint evidence is pending.

“From our video surveillance we have clear shots of the suspects that we’ve shared with law enforcement,” said Captain Cesar Perea, spcaLA Director of Animal Cruelty Investigations. “If anyone recognizes these individuals please contact LAPD’s Southwest Community Police Station, Detective Division at (213) 485-2582.”