spcaLA Condemns City of Torrance Coyote Trapping Program

Los Angeles, CA (9/13/19) – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) is disappointed to hear of the inhumane trapping program approved by the Torrance City Council. The program would allow for snare traps to be set for coyotes.

Snares are cruel and inhumane and cause undue pain for the animals ensnared.

“Permission to trap is not a license to be cruel,” said Madeline Bernstein, President of spcaLA. “Traps must be routinely checked.”

Though officials reported that coyote sightings in Torrance were down 35% this year, the council approved the measure that would cost taxpayers around $200,000 per year.

Too often the reaction to coyote “encroachment” is extermination, which is inhumane and ineffective. As long as food resources are available, other coyotes will move in and take their place.

People and their pets often offer the most accessible food source. It is imperative that people safe-guard their pets and remove these additional food sources. The following tips can prevent problems before they arise:

    • Don’t allow pets to roam unattended. Walk your dog before nightfall.
    • Secure trash in sturdy plastic or metal cans with tightly fitting lids. Also, wait until the morning of pick-up to put trash out.
    • Eliminate any food sources such as fallen fruit or unattended pet food, which may attract wildlife.
    • Clear brush, dense ground cover, wood piles, and garden debris where rodents may be living. Reducing the rodent population will eliminate an attractive food source.
    • Don’t feed wildlife.
    • Tightly screen all access holes into buildings.

For a complete list of tips for Living with Urban Wildlife, click here.