spcaLA Stands Against Abuse – All Kinds

Sent February 2, 2018 via email to spcaLA supporters

Dear Friends,

Last night, seven board members of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) resigned in protest. Following news of allegations of pervasive sexual harassment (most concerning the agency’s chief executive officer), the HSUS board voted to close their internal investigation and retain their CEO.

We do not condone the alleged behavior — it goes against everything we stand for at spcaLA.

spcaLA values our employees, volunteers, adopters, students, donors, and clients. We work to foster a community of compassion, mutual respect, and integrity.

spcaLA has always sought to speak for those most easily exploited and abused. In 1877, we incorporated to not only protect animals but also women and children. At the time, all were considered property under the law.

For 140 years, spcaLA has been independently serving the Southern California community. We are not an affiliate or chapter of HSUS, nor any other spca or humane society.

spcaLA is in the business of preventing cruelty, which includes abuses of power in all forms.

Thank you,

Madeline Bernstein
President, spcaLA