Suspect Pleads to Felony Animal Cruelty Count

Defendant had history of domestic violence

Los Angeles, CA – Last week, defendant Wright Hearst (DOB: 04/17/73) pled guilty at Los Angeles County, Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse, Long Beach (Court Case #A107143) to one felony count Penal Code 597(b), animal cruelty for inflicting harm on Milo, a Terrier mix dog. The charges are the result of an investigation by Long Beach Animal Care Services (LBACS) with assistance from Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA).

In the course of the animal cruelty investigation, it was discovered Hearst had a history of domestic violence. This is not uncommon. “Where there is violence towards animals, there is often violence towards people,” said spcaLA President Madeline Bernstein. “There is a ‘Link” to the cycle of violence. Violence begets violence. spcaLA works to break that cycle making our communities safer for all its inhabitants.” The horrific killing of 26 people in Sutherland, TX was at the hand of a man who beat his domestic partner and severely abused his puppy. The cycle of violence will continue until someone steps in to stop it.

Through Animal Cruelty Investigations and Humane Education programs, spcaLA intervenes to break the cycle. During the course of investigating animal cruelty, spcaLA will notify authorities, if other abuse, such as domestic violence, child abuse or elder abuse is present. spcaLA Humane Officers protected almost 17,000 animals last year alone.

With the help of shelter dogs, the Humane Education program, Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC)™ builds self-esteem and increases respect for all living creatures. spcaLA has taught TLC to hundreds of Los Angeles students since its inception in 1994. Additionally, spcaLA offers a court diversionary program, a condition of probation for some youth in the Los Angeles County criminal justice system. spcaLA’s Animal Safety Net (ASN)™ provides care for the pets of survivors of domestic violence so they may seek help. Once out of harm’s way, pet and companion are reunited. 39 families and 69 pets were assisted by ASN last year.

spcaLA is the only private animal welfare organization in Los Angeles that is also Law Enforcement. spcaLA Humane Officers hold the same powers of Peace Officers in the state of California when investigating animal cruelty. Established in 1877, spcaLA is a non-profit agency that relies on donations for its programs and services, including animal cruelty investigations. To donate, please click here.