Warrant Issued for Animal Cruelty Offender

Los Angeles, CA — A warrant for the arrest of Laquisha Kelly (DOB: 11-16-80) has been issued for failure to appear at a restitution hearing related to misdemeanor animal cruelty conviction (Court Case # 6CS0052). Kelly pleaded guilty before Judge Andrew Kim in Dept. 12 at Compton Courthouse on August 15, 2016 and was sentenced to three (3) years summary probation, ten (10) days county jail, search and seizure conditions, twenty-four (24) animal cruelty classes, and restitution.

Ordered to attend a restitution hearing scheduled for September 15, 2016, Kelly failed to appear and a $30,000 bench warrant for her arrest was issued. Kelly remains at large.

Responding to a tip on the 9900 block of San Pedro St in Los Angeles, spcaLA Humane Officers found Special, a one year old female, black and tan, German Shepherd mix, who had been subjected to needless, persistent and debilitating suffering by her owner, Kelly.

While in Kelly’s possession, the helpless young dog suffered a series of serious injuries, including breaks to both her femur bones from separate traumatic incidents weeks apart and bite wounds from a dog attack. These injuries went untreated by Kelly while Special endured needless pain and suffering.

The animal was seized by spcaLA Humane Officers with assistance from officers of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Southeast Division. Once in spcaLA’s care, Special received immediate and thorough medical attention including surgeries and rehabilitation. Special is currently in the care of an spcaLA foster family, where she continues her recovery.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Kelly should contact their local police or sheriff’s department.
spcaLA is the only private animal welfare organization in Los Angeles that is also Law Enforcement. spcaLA Humane Officers hold the same powers of Peace Officers in the state of California when investigating animal cruelty.

Convicted animal cruelty offender, Laquisha Kelly

Convicted animal cruelty offender, Laquisha Kelly