We’ve Got Class! New Dog Training Classes Offered at spcaLA

Los Angeles, CA – There’s no time like the present to teach your dog new tricks! In addition to obedience, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Los Angeles (spcaLA) Training Department is offering a variety of classes at their Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Burbank locations this summer, including their newest class, Fido Fitness!

June start dates are on the books for Agility, Fun Nose Work, and Fido Fitness classes.  Agility is a fun sport where you maneuver your dog through an obstacle course.  Dogs of a variety of shapes, sizes, and ages can do agility! Fun Nose Work is a scent detection game.  The dogs perform separately, so this may be a good class if your dog is best on his own.  Fido Fitness (available at Long Beach location only) uses FitPAWS® equipment to increase strength, flexibilty, and balance – yes, Pilates for dogs!   These classes are a fun way to exercise the mind and body of you and your four-legged friend.

spcaLA also offers up to four levels of basic obedience, as well as the highly recommended class, Puppy Preschool™.  “This class is specifically designed for puppies from 8 to 16 weeks,” says Director of Behavior and Training, Eleasha Gall, CPDT-KA.  “Teach your puppy good manners from the get go – don’t wait for behavior problems to grow.”

Behavior issues are one of the most-cited reasons that animals are turned into shelters. Training classes can address many of those problems, but for serious issues consider private training.  Visit the spcaLA Training  website  to find out more about private training and group classes or call (562) 570-4910.