Teaching Love & Compassion (TLC)™

A Program Aimed at Instilling Empathy
spcaLA has become nationally and internationally renowned for its Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC)™ program, a violence-prevention program that works with students and shelter animals to help break the cycle of violence.

Through the use of shelter dogs, students practice patience, compassion, and empathy. During classroom time, discussions and activities about topics such as: anger identification, conflict solving, empathetic choices, anti-bullying, and kindness towards others, take place. These topics help students identify their own assumptions, increase knowledge and positive attitudes towards animal other and self, and overall increase empathetic attitudes.

This intensive program is used to teach students how to make choices that positively impact the animals, and people, in their lives. Using interactive classroom time and hands-on dog training, the TLC program helps the students identify and break the cycle of violence by building self-esteem and increasing respect for all living creatures. As students work through conflicts and challenges of performing as a group to train shelter animals, they develop compassion, responsibility and patience.

TLC is a three to four-week program that offers lessons on empathy and compassion, positive dog training techniques, as well as anger identification and conflict resolution discussions. At the end of the session, TLC students share their newly developed skills and knowledge with elementary school students and their teachers by giving a presentation on humane education issues, animal cruelty and respect for life.

spcaLA partners with local school districts to bring TLC sessions to communities in need of our services. For more information about bringing TLC to your school, please email humaneeducation@spcaLA.com. Additionally, we offer the comprehensive TLC manual for purchase.